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GM / Ford STP Discussion Piece

March 31, 20140 Comments

Recently, a GM/Cadillac commercial caught my attention. It was well produced, had a clear message and target audience. While it didn’t hit my personal sweet spot, it definitely stood out from most commercials aired that day. Ford must have taken notice as well as they recently created a “response” ad. Showing these two ads in […]

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A Different 1%

February 23, 20140 Comments

While disruptive technologies get most of the headlines these days, incremental improvements can lead to significant competitive advantage over the long run, especially if those improvements are done continuously. Here’s an article about how Britain’s cycling coach did just that to achieve a win in the Tour de France. When you think about it, that […]

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Saved by the Bell (Curve)?

February 19, 20140 Comments

Remember being graded on the curve? Maybe you still are. Should managers “grade” their employees’ performance on the curve? What impact does this have on employee morale and company culture? What is the role of employee development under this system? These are some of the questions pondered by Josh Bersin in his LinkedIn post, The […]

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