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Is the objective magic or margin?

September 4, 20170 Comments

Do I believe in the importance of knowing how to calculate the profit maximizing price, understanding the elasticity of demand, and appreciating price/volume trade-offs? Absolutely! Every business person / entrepreneur should have a good grasp of these fundamentals. But that doesn’t mean we have to set the price at the profit maximizing price, because that’s […]

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The Ever-Evolving MBA

December 26, 20140 Comments

Interesting article this morning in the NYTimes that highlights the challenges of keeping business education relevant in today’s rapidly changing environment. Here’s an excerpt, with a link to the full article that uses some examples from Cornell Tech’s innovative program that brings M.B.A. candidates and graduate students in computer science together. Greg Pass, the former […]

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The 7 Most Interesting Social Media Studies

November 24, 20140 Comments

If you are managing social media, you no doubt have wondered about things such as: Are short posts more effective than long ones? What time of day is most effective to post? Here’s an article that summarizes some research that sheds some light on those issues. Remember, however, that you have to keep in mind […]

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