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Learn and Experience Business Metrics

Management by the Numbers (MBTN) allows students and business practitioners to master fundamental business metrics in a self-paced, on-line learning environment. MBTN users review tutorials and practice calculating solutions until they have mastered the math underlying key business concepts and relationships.

Click here for a clickable list of MBTN modules that provides an overview of each module and a sample question or click on a link below to view brochures by topic.

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>>Finance and Accounting
>>Human Resources
>>Operations and Statistics
>>Introduction to Business
>>Marketing Principles
>>Marketing Research
>>Sales Force Management

>>Marketing Metrics Certification
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Modules Selected Academic Price
(per semester)
Group Corporate Price
(per year)
1-3 $9.95 $19.95
4-6 $14.95 $29.95
7-10 $19.95 $39.95
All Finance Modules $24.95 $49.95
All Marketing Modules $29.95 $59.95
All Modules (50+) $39.95 $99.95



MBTN Modules

Click each module below for more information.

Advertising Metrics Financial Metrics 1 Inventory Management 4 Percentages
Breakeven Analysis Financial Metrics 2 Margins 1: Introduction Perceptual Mapping
Cannibalization Game Theory 1 Margins 2: Channels* Pricing 1: Linear Demand
Conjoint Analysis Growth Rates Market Share Metrics 1 Pricing 2: Constant Elasticity
Customer Lifetime Value 1 HR Metrics 1 Market Share Metrics 2 Profit Dynamics
Customer Lifetime Value 2 HR Metrics 2 Marketing Experiments 1 Promotion Profitability
Distribution Measures HR Metrics 3 Marketing Experiments 2 Sales Force Management 1
Financial Statements 1: Introduction HR Metrics 4 Marketing ROI Sales Force Management 2
Financial Statements 2: Balance Sheet HR Metrics 5 Marketing Variance Analysis Statistics 1: Introduction
Financial Statements 3: Income Statement Inventory Management 1 New Product Forecasting Statistics 2: Correlation and Regression
Financial Statements 4: Cash Flow Inventory Management 2 NPV 1: Time Value of Money Web Metrics
Financial Statements 5: Analysis Inventory Management 3 NPV 2: Discounted Cash Flow Working Capital Management

*Formerly Calculating Margins. Because the module focuses on multi-channel margins, backwards and forward chaining, and covers markups and other retail terms, we’ve renamed it Margins 2: Channels effective June 2018. If you prefer to only focus on the basics of calculating a margin, choose Margins 1: Introduction.

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